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During our Health Promoting Week, we learned all about healthy habits in relation to diet and exercises. We explored the Food & Exercise Pyramids. We began every morning with our exercises in the classroom (Bizzy Break!) and did extra PE and games during the week. We also launched our WOW (Walk On Wednesday) day on the Wednesday and walked from the carpark opposite the hotel to the school. Two new visitors joined us on our way up; Saint Patrick and a Leprechaun. In science we examined the amount of sugar in food item and were shocked by how much sugar was in the different foods. We displayed in on our Sugar Wall. Our rugby and golf lessons and our céilí also offered great fun and exercise. We thoroughly enjoyed our Health Promoting Week

Busy Breaks (7)Busy Breaks (16)Busy Breaks (15)Busy Breaks (11)Busy Breaks (18)Busy Breaks (10)

Our Bizzy Break Exercises

Ceili (1)Ceili (3)Ceili (9)

Our Céilí

Golf (1)Rugby (1)Rugby (9)Rugby (7)

Golf & Rugby Activities

Rounders (4)Rounders (5)Rounders (7)Rounders (9)Rounders (11)


WOW (8)Wow (10)WOW (7)

Our WOW Day

Our Sugar Wall (1)

Our Sugar Wall

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