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Fifth and Sixth classes went to the Schull stream on Tuesday May 31st with Michael Mc Partland and David from Inland Fisheries to see some fish as part of the Something Fishy school’s programme.  The stream is in Schull is running behind the houses on Air Hill and enters the sea at the pier.

We looked at baby brown trout and salmon and also some eels. Young salmon are called fry. Michael said there were a lot of baby brown trout in the stream but very few salmon fry in the stream as the water is flowing too fast into the sea at the pier and the salmon cannot swim up stream as a result.. There was a big eel in one bucket.  It was really fun. We learned lots about fish. After looking at the fish in buckets we let them go. Then we were given buckets with water bugs in them to identify if the stream was polluted and it wasn’t .

Micheal Mc Partland then showed us how he caught the fish and then we put them back into the stream. We were asked some questions and then we got bands, rulers and magazines. It was a great fun an we had a fabulous afternoon.

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