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On Friday 29th May, we went on our School Tour to Tralee Bay Wetlands and Crag Caves. When we arrived at The Tralee Bay Wetlands, we met our guide David and he brought us into the centre. We watched a video about the wetland and we investigate microscopic plants and animals using microscopes before heading to the bird watching tower. We climbed the ninety steps to the top of the 20 metre tall tower. The view from the top was wonderful. We could see all over Tralee Bay and Tralee town. We saw the windmill in Blennerville.

Next we went pond-dipping. We each received a net. It was exciting looking for the creatures in the pond. We found a stickleback fish, a boatman, a water beetle, water lice and lots of tadpoles. We were the first group to visit the centre who had no one slip into the water. Afterwards we saw voles that were caught in a live animal trap. We were allowed to hold the vole in our hands if we wanted to.

After Lunch we went looking for frogs. First we had to cross a long bridge. We got off the bridge and went into the reeds and bull rushes. We found two small beautiful frogs hiding in the grass and even a lost phone! Afterwards we went orienteering around the centre. We had great fun running around trying to locate the stampers.

Next we played some team games; where we had to race to fill a bucket with water using half pipes and we also had multi-walker races. To end our day in the wetlands we went pedalo boating and had great fun on the lake and pedalling through the water fountains. We all got drenched but we were happy!

Then Crag Caves was our next stop. The cave was amazing, there was lots of stalagmites and stalactites to see in the cave. We did some shopping in the gift shops both in Tralee Bay Wetlands and Crag Caves. Everybody thought that it was the best school tour ever. A Big Thank you to Denise, Sheila and Sinéad for joining us on the day. It was amazing fun and all slept very well that night, to say the least.

Here is a video of our Tour


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