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Fifth Class

Our Mosaics

Fourth & Fifth class have been busy learning about the Ancient Romans in history. They have learned a lot about these people.

The Romans made very elaborate mosaics.  They made counter tops, walls and even whole floors of rooms out of mosaics. Mosaics were practical because they were easy to wash and helped to keep the house cool. They were also beautiful. The Romans loved to combine a practical purpose with wonderful art.

Here are examples of the mosaics we created from glass tiles.

Mosaics (2)Mosaics (1)Mosaics (4)Mosaics (5) Mosaics (6)Mosaics (3)
Mosaics (7)Mosaics (8)


Mini-Beast Hunt

Fourth and fifth class have had a busy and enjoyable start to their school year.

We began our year by having three new visitors to the classroom. For the month of September, we had three Spanish students; Trinidad, Ines and Sara, joined 4th class. It was a very good experience for everyone. We learned a couple words of Spanish and what life is like for a child our age in Spain and in turn the girls improved their English. We wish Trinidad, Ines and Sara the best.

We have enjoying observing and learning about all the nature that surrounds us in our locality. We enjoyed our Mini-beast Hunt around the school grounds collecting and examining some of the different mini-beasts that exist in our hedgerow habitat. We had great fun searching for the mini-beasts and seeing all the different types that the various groups found. We also created our own mini-beasts from clay and made our own mini-beast habitat in our classroom.

Our Clay Minibeasts (1) Our Clay Minibeasts (2) Our Clay Minibeasts (3) Our Clay Minibeasts (4) Our Clay Minibeasts (5) Our Clay Minibeasts (6) Our Clay Minibeasts (7) Our Clay Minibeasts (8) Our Clay Minibeasts (9) Our Clay Minibeasts (10)

We have been working hard and have completed some great work. Here are just a few examples; we have written lots of stories in English and Irish, created lovely art displays, learned many new tin whistle tunes with the help of Ms French, improved our football skills with the help of Pat Nolan and created dream jars representing our dreams.

Everyone has had a great start to the year and we hope to have a great year and do lots of fun things! We are also looking forward to Halloween.