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Dream Jars

Fourth & Fifth class read extracts from Roald Dahl’s “The BFG”  based on Dreams. We read some of the BFG’s Dreams and how he placed his dreams, which he caught with his net, into dream jars.

We wrote our own dreams, using the BFG as inspiration, and created dream jars to accompany our stories.

Here are our stories and dream jars:

Dream Jars (1)

Dream Jars (5)Dream Jars (4)

Dream Jars (3)Dream Jars (2)

Our Mosaics

Fourth & Fifth class have been busy learning about the Ancient Romans in history. They have learned a lot about these people.

The Romans made very elaborate mosaics.  They made counter tops, walls and even whole floors of rooms out of mosaics. Mosaics were practical because they were easy to wash and helped to keep the house cool. They were also beautiful. The Romans loved to combine a practical purpose with wonderful art.

Here are examples of the mosaics we created from glass tiles.

Mosaics (2)Mosaics (1)Mosaics (4)Mosaics (5) Mosaics (6)Mosaics (3)
Mosaics (7)Mosaics (8)